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Britannica School is the online encyclopedia available to both teachers and students in Montgomery County.
Another feature within Britannica is ImageQuest. ImageQuest gives you access to millions of copyright-free images! Create different albums to save your images. To access the encyclopedia from home, the username/password is tech/football.

Online databases, digital and audiobooks, and online resources provided by the Library of Virginia. 
All resources are free and available with a public library card anywhere in Virginia as well as Virginia’s public K-12 schools

Avoid plagiarism by properly citing sources. Generate citations in both MLA & APA formats.

Avoid breaking copyright laws. Download copyright-free files for your projects.

Explora searches:

  • NewspaperSource

  • eBooks (the K-8 Collection, History Collection and Cricket Media Collection)

  • Read It!
    Research while practicing reading skills with Read It!™  Helps students with a basic foundation in English grammar and reading who need adapted reading material for many subjects. Read It!™ is also a great tool for English Language Learners.

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