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SKELETON CREEK by Patrick Carman

"Ryan has to keep writing, no matter how much it hurts. He has to explain what happened that night."

Ryan is trying to remember what happened that night. He is secretly writing the full story in a journal. He's forbidden, since the accident, to see his best friend, Sarah. While Ryan is isolated and laboring to write the story in his journal, Sarah continues to investigate the mystery surrounding Skeleton Creek with her video camera. She secretly sends password-protected links to the videos to Ryan through email.

"Do I wish we hadn’t gone into the woods? Do I wish Sarah hadn’t shot the video, as if that might have kept everything from happening? Sure. But that didn’t change anything. We kept working to find out the secret of Skeleton Creek’s name. And we ignored all the danger signs. We went too far, we asked too many questions. And we found out things that we’d never wanted to learn."

Here is the super-cool part about this series!

The reader can view Sarah's videos through a link and password provided in the story. This unique combination of reading and watching aids in drawing readers into the story.

Book Trailer

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