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RED, WHITE, AND WHOLE by Rajani LaRocca


"Reha has two lives: one that is Indian, one that is not. It is 1983, and she is thirteen, and in one life, she loves hanging out with friends, dancing to pop music, and watching Cyndi Lauper on MTV. In the other, she listens to Hindi film songs, wears homemade clothes, and spends her weekends with her Indian community. When Reha asks to go to a middle school dance, her mother disapproves. If only the ones who share her blood could also understand the wishes of her heart. But then her mother becomes ill, and everything Reha was worried about gets turned upside down. RED, WHITE, and WHOLE is a middle grade novel in verse about being caught between here and there, before and after, and finding a way to be whole." -from book jacket

Author's Website: Rajani LaRocca

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